Neighborhood watch – crime prevention


A neighborhood watch or neighbourhood watch also called a crime watch or neighborhood crime watch, is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. In the United States it builds on the concept of a town watch from Colonial America.

Organization and History
Neighborhood watches in the U.S.

Neighborhood Watch organizations

Neighbourhood Watch (United Kingdom)
Neighbourhood Watch Australasia
Neighbourhood Watch in Scotland
Block Parent Program (Canada)
Shomrim (United States and United Kingdom)
Crimestoppers (United States, United Kingdom and Australia)

Natteravnene (English: the Night Ravens), established in 1990, is a Norwegian based franchise organisation of volunteers that encourages adult, sober citizens to walk around in the city in groups at night during the weekends. Their task is to be visible and available for the public as it is believed that this will prevent violence and anti-social behavior. The volunteers will also assist people who are unable to take care of themselves.

The franchise is inspired by the 1985 established Nattugglorna from Karlstad in Sweden,[1] when it was locally recognized in Norway that certain parts of Oslo downtown has become to unsafe for people in general during nighttime. The franchise has since spawned into other parts of Norway as well as having chapters in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Sweden (now under the name Nattevandring.NU).

Guardian Angels
Senkom Mitra Polri


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