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The Truth About Jobbik – Neo-fascist danger in Hungary

Jobbik és a romák



Should the media be allowed to go on “Gypsy” hunt?

According to the Nazi Jobbik Party in Hungary – race should be important identifying people as those who should be killed because it is race which makes people responsible for the economic collapse all over the world and the Gypsies are people who are worthless of life. They all should be jailed, persecuted, intimidated, beaten and force them into concentration camps where they can be watched at all times forcing them to work because all Gypsies are lazy, smelly and thieves.

Leadership of the Jobbik Party: Kristina Morvai, declared war on Gypsies and she is a Human Right Activist who worked for the George Soros foundation and a lawyer, blaming Hungary’s economic collapse on the poverty-stricken Roma population.

Levente Murany, Kristina Morvai, and Elod Novak are from the once persecuted race themselves, become the persecutors, the butchers, the judge and the jury of the Gypsy race and labelling them as criminals, a smelly race who doesn’t deserve to be called human, demanding Gypsies to be put in concentration camps to make sure they will work and they will be useful to the Hungarian economy… The Jobbik party in 2010 demanded to „OUTLAW DENIAL OF GYPSY CRIMINALITY” and if someone denies Gypsies are criminals, they can face up to 3 yrs in jail..

The Jobbik party is not alone, they are being supported by the world-wide media, by RTL from Germany, by BBC News from UK, MailOnline UK, ABC News and Four Corners from Australia, Simon Wright’s hate campaign on Whirlpool from Australia, the Canadian Freepress (part of Fox News, run by Murdock) and many news providers from the USA, Iraland, Sweeden, Dania, Holland, Finnland, Romania not to forget the notoriously racist Czech Republic asking for the ‘FINAL SOLUTION OF THE GYPSIES’ which is on the same line as Hitler campaign was in Nazi Germany.
The BBC News hired Liviu Tipurita from Romania to create a documentary, which will show the world why Gypsies deserve to be persecuted and why they should all die, why the world should become racist and hate Gypsies and why the world should start to kill Gypsies, which is further encouraged on Youtube openly calling to kill Gypsies, yet Google does nothing about it, which makes Google part of this very open persecution, Gypsy hunt.

Liviu Tipurita, Gypsy Child Thieves (This World)
Liviu Tipurita, Sam Bagnall, Lucy Hetherington
BBC Two/BBC Current Affairs

Despite these people starting racism, hatred, persecution and killing of Gypsies, they got an award from New York.

This “Gypsy Hunt” tactic is not new, it is a well known tactic to get people busy hating, blaming and killing Gypsies, which will solve the world economy by not blaming those who are really responsible.

Gypsies are a race of people who have no country, no money, no power, no voice, therefore anything can be done to them.

The Gypsies have been used for thousands of years now as people who will be sacrificed. We didn’t come much further from the Pagan times when pagans offered humans as sacrifice to the gods.

When Christianity was calling to persecute witches so they will create fear and therefore ‘respect’ in people, Gypsies were killed, tortured, Gypsies were enslaved for free labour and it was the Gypsy slave labour that built up Europe where it is today. Gypsies were killed during the Holocaust, 15 million of them, and this number was deliberately downplayed. And Gypsies again used today!

Hungary’s Gypsies targeted in deadly attacks

Budapost: Will Jobbik split?

The alarming rise of Jobbik


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